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Let's start right now to change our homes and schools by doing more good. We will put an end to the awful trend of bullying by starting a new trend of kindness, compassion and courage.


What would our world be like if every kid had fun making a difference in simple ways every day and understood the power they have to create positive change in their homes, schools, communities, environments, and even their world?


Let's start a movement... THE DOOGOODS MOVEMENT and start a ripple effect of kindness that will sweep across the globe!


Watch this video below to learn more about what we are all about:

About Doogoods


Doogoods is not only a card game or an app, but rather, it is a movement. The Doogoods Trading Cards and the upcoming Doogoods App are simply tools to make this movement a reality.

Imagine a world where kids didn’t judge, criticize, or bully each other and instead treated one another with kindness.

This world can be a reality, but that reality starts with you, because you truly have the power to change the world for the better.

I learned this first hand when I raised $11,000 as a nine year old kid when my younger brothers and I raised enough money to build a school in Kenya, Africa through only lemonade stands, bottle drives, magic shows, and a couple of bake sales.

This inspired me to try to make this positive change go bigger than just myself, and so I decided to create my own card game that had to do with doing good, so I did just that and ended up pitching to the Dragons on Canada’s national television show, Dragons Den, and coming out a “Dragonslayer”.

Each Doogoods card has a character pertaining to a specific simple act of kindness that when completed can earn you various amounts of points depending on the positive impact of the challenge. Doogoods can be used at home, or at school with the available teachers lesson plan manual.

I am now 15 years old, and I am currently in the process of developing an app that is set to come out in mid-May of 2017.

We all have the potential to change the world for the better, and through the Doogoods app we can unleash this potential by making the world a better place, one simple act of kindness at a time.

The Doogoods app will get people to make a real difference in the world through simple acts of kindness, while at the same time having fun.


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Doogoods is Pro-Kindness, not Anti-Bullying!

Instead of pointing out the negative (something that has been done for years upon years and evidently is not working) Doogoods focuses on bringing out the Good by making DoingGood fun and Kindness cool especially in the classroom so that we will raise the next generation as UPstanders instead of bystanders by creating positive habits at a young age!


When my grandson moved to a new school this year we used the Doogoods to help him with the change. Doogood Herald said "introduce yourself or someone else to someone you don't know." He got 10 strength points each time. We talked about this each day. One day he said "I have 60 strength points." These cards help focus on doing good. It is cool to be kind. That helps prevent bullying! Linda Arnold Happy Customer, Kamloops B.C
I wanted to share with you how we are using Doogoods in our classroom. Kids are keeping a tally of their points on the chart on the left side of the bulletin board. It seems to be working great to make them more conscious of making good choices and treating others the way that they want to be treated. Great job on Dragon's Den too! My whole class watched you on Nov.1st and thought you were a pretty awesome kiddo! Keep making a difference in our world! Karina Connor
Congratulations!!!!! You don't know me but I need to tell you, you were amazing on Dragons Den. Your idea is wonderful. I feel it will help with bullying. Good for you!!!! Shirley Mom from Ontario
I just saw you on Dragons Den and I must say that out of all the episodes I have seen, your presentation has to be one of the best. Your product breaths a breath of fresh air in an otherwise electronic based technology world we live in. I have never met you but I want to say I am so proud of you and the passion you have for your product. Dennis Kozakevich
Your pitch on Dragons Den was amazing and I couldn't stop thinking how these cards should be in every classroom in Canada. Nicholas Moskaluk Teacher
I just saw Teagan on Dragon's Den. He was amazing! He was so calm and comfortable speaking to all the Dragons. He presented his product so well and his excitement for helping to change the world was apparent! I teach Grade 3 in Ontario. I just ordered my Doogoods Classroom Set and I can't wait to get it! Keep doing awesome stuff, Teagan! Katherine Wiebe Teacher
Loved your cards - bought a pack for my kids. Well done as an entrepreneur. Danny Crossman Happy Customer
Teagan: You are our reason to smile today. We couldn't be more proud to have little people like you in the world. Keep up the great work! The Smile Epidemic
Great lesson Plans! Linda Liebrecht Teacher
Just watched you on Dragon's Den - well done young man. Good luck in all your future endeavors. You will go far!" Jennifer Sutton
Young and old benefited from the Doogoods challenge posted on our fridge. We love them and are sure you will benefit from their fun and positve influence. Lorna Hans Happy Customer, Calgary Alberta
What a wonderful idea! I am starting to notice a movement towards a brighter future for our children through kids like you. Wow! Andrée Blanchette Leblanc Teacher

Purchase Doogoods Card/App or Book Teagan to Speak

Doogoods cards are a great tool for any home or classroom to get kids engaged in doing good while at the same time having fun. If you would like to purchase Doogoods for your home, or for your classroom with the available Teachers Lesson Plan Manual that connects to the curriculum, click the first link.

The Doogoods app is a way to engage kids and adults alike in doing good. There are challenges to complete and badges to earn that make doing good exciting and fun. Another bonus to the app is that you will be able to purchase your Doogoods cards and other merchandise at a discount through the app, and possibly also win some cool prizes. Click the second link if you would like to download the app.

Teagan Adams, founder of Doogoods, is also a public speaker, and has spoken at many different assemblies at various schools, conferences, such as the metabridge conference alongside the top 15 tech companies of Canada, and at events such as TEDx UBCO and Shine Live. If you would like to book Teagan to speak, it will only cost $750 + travel expenses, or if you purchase the bulk school set of Doogoods cards at $999, Teagan will speak at your school or event for free + travel expenses. If you would like to book Teagan to speak, click the bottom link, or if you would like to purchase the bulk school set of Doogoods cards and get the speaking gig with it, click the first link

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