A seemingly simple smile can change someone’s life forever

“There is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end”
-Scott Adams
You may think that there’s no point in giving someone a smile. Besides, you’ll just look like fool anyways, right? WRONG.
Even the simplest acts of kindness are really not that simple at all, and rather are actually very, very meaningful.
A seemingly simple smile can make someone’s entire day, and make you happier as well, and it could potentially even save someone’s life.
A true example of this is when a man once wrote a note saying that if even one person was to smile at him, he would not jump off the bridge. Nobody did, and because of that, he lost his life.
The above case is obviously very extreme, but it still can happen when you come across someone that is in need of a smile.
If you start the moment you read this and begin exercising simple acts of kindness, you have my guarantee that you will noticeably feel better, and be able to understand the massive difference that you will be making, exponentially.
I challenge you to turn off your phone and go give five different people a sincere smile, and I guarantee you that you will feel
•And wanting to do more good
It’s scientifically proven.
And, you can only imagine the difference that that could be making in that persons life.

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